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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pictures from Tubac!

I decided to bring my camera with me today and take some images of things that were happening at the show. Here is a picture of the horse drawn trolley that stops in front of my tent. As you can see Percheron's are big dudes. On the left side of my tent is the area my neighbor referred to as The Gully. If it rains Sunday that is where the water is going to drain.
You may wonder what's the big deal about a Fed Ex truck. This is happening during show hours. Usually streets are closed during show hours. Not here. Fed Ex was making a delivery to the shop behind my booth but also brought a new credit card machine to one of my neighbors. Her machine had conked out on her the day before. Whats funny about this is that most shows close their streets so no one gets hit by a car. At Tubac they restrict us from putting an awning on the front of our tent which would hang out over the street. I think they are worried that Fed Ex,UPS, or the Porta Potty cleaning truck will run into an awning. These streets are so wide that you should be able to drive a pair of buses side by side and still not hit an awning if you are just paying a little bit of attention.
The other day at Saguaro National Park there was not a cloud in the sky at sunset. Give me Old Glory on top of the Home Depot and just watch the skies light up. It was pretty, although a little weird.