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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interesting photos from interesting places!

Yesterday I left my hotel and stopped in the Cracker Barrel in Casa Grande, Arizona to get something to eat. I didn't make it to the door. Just off the front porch was a big saguaro with a dove on the nest. I went back to the car and got the camera. After taking a few images I put the camera back up and headed back into the restaurant. Right in front of the entrance was another saguaro with a dove on the nest! I was hungry so I decided to get something to eat and then shoot some more. I ended up getting the ladder out of the trailer to get a higher angle at the doves. Just picture me on the front porch of the Cracker Barrel on top of a ladder photographing these doves. Anything to get a good shot.
Later in the day I arrived in Phoenix. I'm staying with some friends I have known since elementary school. We decided to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens where an installation of Chihuly glass is on display. The Botanical Gardens is a neat place to see all the plants of the Sonoran Desert but was really an interesting place with all the glass set up amongst the cactus. This image is some big glass iceberg looking things that were floating in a pond. I like the cool blue glass with the warmer tones of the reeds around it. The second image is a portion of a glass tree that was lit up after sundown. I like the contrast of the warm glass with the cool blue sky behind it.

Tomorrow I set up my booth for the 5th Avenue show. I also have a trip planned to the Grand Canyon on Monday after the show is over. The mountains around Phoenix have snow on them and Falagstaff had over 20 inches the other day. I'm hoping there will be lots of snow at the canyon for my trip there. It will be my first trip there since I have started shooting my work digitally and I look forward to doing some panoramas by stitching a group of images together. Hopefully I will get some great new images from the trip.