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Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Canyon images and off to Fountain Hills!

Here are several more images from my Grand Canyon trip. They were both taken on Tuesday afternoon as I watched storm clouds roll across the north rim. The photo above was taken from Yavapai Point looking to the northwest. I used my 100-400mm lens at about 160mm. Most scenics are taken with wider angle lenses but I have always liked isolating a small section of a scene with a telephoto.

This next image is a vertical version of one I posted the other day. It includes more snow in the foreground. I really like the soft pastel look of the light at that time of day. When I am able to process more images from the trip I will post them. However, the next three days will be spent at the Fountain Hills Great Fair which is northeast of Phoenix. I set my booth up this evening. The program says more than 500 artists are in the show. Wow! I have never participated in one with that many artists. Not even close. I hope there is enough art being bought to send us all home with a smile.
I do have a good look at the Fountain in Fountain Hills. Behind my booth on Saguaro Drive is a large lake. The Fountain is out in the middle of the lake. It is more like a man made geyser which goes off every hour. I was told it shoots water about 400 feet into the air. A very big, impressive geyser. I may take my camera to the show one day to get a shot of it. It looked kinda neat at sunset with the mountains behind it.