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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good bye 5th Ave. I'm off to the Grand Canyon!

After spending three days on Scottsdale's 5th Ave I was ready to get out of town and do some serious photography. I arrived at the Grand Canyon on Monday afternoon. The forecast called for snow in the evening and up to 4 inches overnight. There was no snow Monday evening but we did get about 3 inches overnight. I had to clean off the truck and drive about 12 miles down snow covered roads to get to Grandview Point where I planned to shoot at daybreak. It was overcast when I left my hotel but as you see the sun came out at Grandview Point for a glorious sunrise.
I spent the morning photographing as the clouds and the light changed. The fresh coating of new snow was also a nice addition to some of the images. This one was taken near Mather Point. About 10am I decided to go back to town and get something to eat and upload the mornings images onto my computer. About 3:30pm I headed back to the canyon rim to
find a good location for the evenings shoot. I decided to set up near Yavapai Point. Clouds were still rolling off the North Rim about 10 miles away on the opposite side of the canyon. I felt the last light of the day just might turn them pink. I almost guessed correctly. I set up on a ledge facing the northwest. The clouds didn't pink up. I did notice that off to the northeast that they did pink up a little. I moved to the location of this last image after the color on the clouds had left. I still like the soft pastel colors that were captured. It was taken well after sunset. Digital does a great job of handling a low light condition like this and seems to bring the brightness back into a scene.