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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Trip to Albuquerque!

  Magnolia Station

On Wednesday I loaded up my vehicle and headed to my next show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I decided a 45 mile detour would take take to Shamrock, Texas. This would allow me to shoot the Magnolia Station and the Conoco Tower at dusk. I think I got several new images which will add to my previous work from this location.

 Conoco Tower and UDropInn

I arrived in Albuquerque on Thursday and set up my work for the show. That evening I drove a stretch of Route 66 looking for something interesting to photograph. When I spotted the Route 66 Diner I knew it was time to get out the cameras. After shooting the exterior I decided to go in and try the food. I took the picture of the car from my table. The chicken fried chicken was also good.
Route 66 Diner

 Interior of Route 66 Diner

Today was the first day of the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival. After it was over at 5pm I decided to go shoot a few more locations along Route 66. Yesterday I never saw the lights come on at the Hiland Theater. I didn't think they would come on today either so I photographed it right before sunset. I took a few shots of several old hotel signs after that and then spotted the Absolutely Neon building. I would hate to pay their electricity bill.
 Hiland Theater

Absolutely Neon