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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Off to Arizona!

It took most of Saturday to finish up everything, get it packed, and get on the road. I made one stop to photograph the "Classic Diner". I also stopped to get gas in Weatherford and then drove

to Sweetwater before getting a room. The truck didn't seem to run very good during that stretch. Sunday was going to be spent driving west, but taking detours through many of the small west Texas towns looking for interesting things to photograph. The truck seemed to go from not running very good to running like complete crap.

I took the "Sunset Motel" on a detour through Monahans, Texas. An old abandoned motel with "no trespassing" signs everywhere. The truck was still performing poorly despite putting a fuel additive in the tank when I filled up. I stop for gas again in Pecos. Between Pecos and Van Horn the truck just has no power at all. It is flat and out in the middle of nowhere and the speed limit out there is 80. I limp along at 65. I watch the gas gauge drop like a rock. I stop to get more gas in Van Horn. I put in 10 gallons but had only driven about 80 miles since filling in Pecos. This has to change but getting it worked on today will be tough. Its Super Bowl Sunday. I get some of the STP additive for cleaning fuel injectors and carburetors and add it to the gas. I head off down the road hoping I can reach Las Cruces, New Mexico. I will get it worked on there if I need to. Fortunately, I make it to Las Cruces and the truck seems to be running good again. Hooray for STP.

Monday finds me humming down the road with cruise control on and no problem with power. I'm quite relieved. I decide to spend the evening out at Saguaro National Park which is just west of Tucson, Arizona. I drive a loop through a section of the park and look for something interesting in the waning light. This was taken near Signal Hill. After sunset I drive to Nogales and check into the Super 8. This will be my home for the next week. Its now Tuesday and I need to check in at Tubac and set up my booth today. Time is running short and I need to grab some lunch and head that way.