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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another what is it!

OK, I promise I will put something more normal up next time. This was taken last year at the Cadillac Ranch just west of Amarillo, Texas. As you head west on I40 out of Amarillo keep looking to the south and about 5 to 10 miles out of town you should see it. About 150 yards out in the middle of a field is about 8? old cars with their front ends buried in the dirt. You will have to go to the next exit and turn around and go back down the service road until you can park on the edge of the field. There is a gate through the fence with a big trash can next to it. Now, here is the part that bugs me. The guy that owns this place has been decent enough to set all this up. Anyone can go in and look at the cars or paint your own graffiti on the cars if you want. Do all the empty spray cans of paint end up in the trash can by the entrance? Nope! There is hundreds of them on the ground around the cars. A few beer cans were also mixed in. Oh well. I guess I should be telling you how the image was made. I spun the tire and gave it a slow enough exposure to blur it. Thats it.
Happy New Year to everyone. Have a great 2009!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is this?

Wave Patterns #3

Sometimes people will look at a photograph and are not sure what it is a picture of. When you isolate a portion of a scene as I have done in this image, it becomes color,shapes and designs. There is not much included to identify the scene or give it scale. This was taken several years ago on the Utah-Arizona border in an area called The Coyote Buttes Wilderness. It is quite an otherworldly landscape with its swirling sandstone rock formations. The weather warmed up nicely the day I took this although it was only a few days before Christmas. There was still a little snow on the ground in places with a very small patch visible in the background of this image. The next day it was cloudy and snowing again as we drove from Page, Arizona to Zion National Park.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Foggy Daze!

Foggy days are neat! Everything looks so different. The fog does a great job of taking away distracting backgrounds. I took this about a week ago out at White Rock Lake in east Dallas. It is a bridge that was built a few years ago to carry the run/bike trail over the lake instead of down a stretch of Mockingbird Lane. Makes it safer for the runners, walkers and bikers. The photograph I have on my business card was taken at this same lake under very similar conditions.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What makes an image new?

Table at San Jose. The photographs that created this image were taken in the fall of 2006 in San Antonio, Texas. One of my better selling images , The Cat and the Cross, was taken on the same trip. Up until recently I had only viewed the raw files for Table at San Jose on my computer. I had taken three different exposures because the light in the window was much brighter than the rest of the interior. With my new knowledge and software for creating HDR images, I combined the three exposures. I converted to black and white and then gave it a very slight sepia tone. Some people feel the art is created with the camera, but actually that is only the first step. The art is not finished until you are through in the darkroom. This is just as true in a chemical darkroom as it is with a digital darkroom. I call this a new image despite the fact that I started working on it 27 months ago.
Hope you like it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


For several years I have seen and read various blogs and wondered if I should start one. Well, I got one now! I intend for it to be an outlet and even some motivation to create and show new images. I'm sure I won't be posting on a daily basis but will try to keep the days between posts at a minimum. I will tell you the how, why, where, and whatever about each image. You will keep up with where I am and what I am doing. At the same time you will probably learn a little bit more about who I am. It should be interesting to see how this develops.
Merry Christmas and have a great 2009!