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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boy was it windy today!

The weather guys said the wind would gust to 30 mph today. It did at least that and maybe more. One artist said we had 45 mph gusts. I survived it ok but other artists didn't fare as well. Late in the day show officials came by and said we could do whatever it took to protect our art, even if that meant packing up. Lots of artists were doing just that when the show closed at 5pm. I'm sure their decision was influenced by the fact that sales haven't been that great and they are still saying it will rain tomorrow. I will be at the show tomorrow, rain or shine.
One funny thing did happen today. My booth is directly across the street from the Tubac Center for Arts. About 2:30 I see a bunch of smoke in front of the building. Someone has built what looks like a campfire. In this wind!!!! A few minutes later here comes the fire marshall in a golf cart which said "Fire Marshall" on the front of it. He gets out and goes over to talk to the guy about the fire. He doesn't make him put the fire out but in a few minutes a four wheeler with a couple of big fire extinguishers on the back pulls up. I decide to walk over and see whats going on. It turns out that someone is demonstrating how to fire pottery. They have one large pot that covers the smaller pot that is to be fired. All of that is then covered up with burning cow paddies. First time I have seen that. I wish I could have heard them explaining that to the Fire Marshall.

I did take a couple of photos on the drive from Tubac to Nogales after the show. I had to try out my 28-70mm lens which I had just got back from being repaired. This is some of the mountains south and east of the show with a moon rising. Looks quite different than my home back in Texas.