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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Off to Phoenix!

I was packed up and leaving Tubac about 7:30 Sunday evening. The day had seen weather in the 50's with a couple of light showers. Attendance wasn't close to what it had been on the other days but I still had my best day of sales. Saturday was my second best day. Wednesday through Friday have some sales but are extra nights in a hotel I have to pay for more than anything. From an artists standpoint this should be a Friday through Sunday show at the most. I would bet that many artists don't apply to the show because it is five days long. Why spend five days making what you usually make in a Saturday and Sunday show? Booth fees, gas, motel, and food are high enough for a two day show.
On Monday I started making my way to the Phoenix area. I stopped to photograph Tumacacori and San Xavier, two Spanish missions. The top image is the front of San Xavier. The second image is looking up from the alter area of the chapel. I'm not sure if it does justice to all the details. I will probably have to post some more images from the interior.

This image of an agave was taken in the garden area of Tumacacori. A nice healthy agave always makes a nice subject. San Xavier had quite a cactus garden at the front of it too. It would be great to catch it when the cactus are blooming.
I also stopped at Picacho Peak State Park. It is a small park about 50 miles south of Phoenix. The area is starting to green up from the recent rains. I hope when I come back through here in 2 weeks that the poppies will be blooming. It gets quite colorful here during a wet year. Despite the cloud cover yesterday I was able to get some sunlight at the end of the day. This is from the west side of Picacho Peak. It rained again last night so those flowers are probably coming.