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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How's the show going?

I got my booth set up yesterday. I've got a good location but it is not a very level spot. I had a lot of trouble setting up the panels down one side of the booth. As I was setting things up this morning before the show started, one of my neighbors walked over and said "Oh, you got the gully this year". She apparently was in my space last year and told me how the older customers were tripping on the uneven ground. Nothing like some words of encouragement at the start of a five day show????? There is good news if you are planning on coming out to the show this week to see my work...nobody fell in my booth today. You can also enjoy the smell of cinnamon almonds which are sold close by. At the show there are several trolleys that are pulled by a breed of horse called Percheron. Big horses but not as large as a Clydesdale. They are giving people rides to the parking lots and other parts of the show. They stop to load and unload right in front of my booth. If you like the smell of a stable this next part should appeal to you. They gave rides all day. Each horse had a big leather pouch which hung just under their tail. These bags looked quite full by the end of the day.
Despite all the obstacles that I joke about, I did have some sales today but not enough to justify a five day show. I may end up appreciating the next two days though because rain is forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Having a booth space which straddles the gully should be fun!!!

This is a photo blog and you will always get a photo or two. I took this the other day when I drove through Roscoe, Texas. There are more than a thousand of these wind turbines within 20 miles of this spot. There is about a 100 in this picture. I could tell about 50 more had been built since I drove through this area back in August. I could see cranes in several places that were in the process of building new ones. Should be a dozen more when I drive back in a couple of weeks. Oh well. Big day tomorrow and I need some sleep.