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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time to head back to Phoenix!

Today was my last at the Grand Canyon. I shot the sunrise which you see here and then went back to my room to load the images on the computer. Now I need to finish this post and check out of my room. The cleaning people are knocking at the door wondering when it will be available.
My trip here was a success. The weather conditions were favorable although I may not have always been at the best place at the best time. This morning at sunrise it looked like some of the pinkest clouds could have been photographed from Grandview Point. That's where I was yesterday. About all you can do is set up at a spot and hope for the best. The magic light doesn't last long and you don't have time to relocate if neat things with the light and clouds are happening elsewhere. I have lots of images to work on and should end up with many more winners from my three days at the canyon. I did shoot a self portrait of myself at the overlook at Yavapai Point.