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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Trip to Cornhusker Land!

This evening I will be setting up my booth at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival in Omaha, Nebraska. Last weekend I was in Leawood, Kansas for a show. Instead of driving back home I spent the last couple of days taking it easy and looking for some photo ops in Nebraska.

This first image was actually taken on my way to Kansas. It is a 1938 Ford Club Cabriolet Convertible. I found this at Scotty's Classic Cars in Arma, Kansas. For $100,000 you can own it. The next image is of an old barn which I came across in the Nebraska countryside. There are lots of interesting old barns to be seen but getting the light and the setting right is the hard part. This one had some nice storm clouds behind it at sunset.

While staying in Lincoln I decided to spend one evening photographing the state capital. I used my tilt-shift lens for this image because the building is tall and you are so close to it. The lens helped me keep the perspective looking natural. The image below was almost better than it came out. When I spotted this scene a deer was on the hill to the left of the trees. I had to stop the truck, put the longer lens on the camera and dig out the tripod. He walked away just after I stepped behind the truck and was ready to shoot. The last image tells me why I don't see many fireflies in Texas ...they are all in Nebraska. It took some experimenting with ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds before I was able to see many of the "lightning bugs" very well on the image. This was at ISO 1600, f5, for 2.5 seconds.