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Friday, May 1, 2009

A previous road trip!

Although I haven't touched my camera since shooting my frog, I did pull out a few images from a few months back. A friend of mine had a new digital camera he was anxious to try out so we spent an afternoon driving up to Decatur, Texas and shooting some stuff. Just off the square is an old Coca Cola mural. Good thing they don't still cost 5 cents or I really would drink too many of them. A few blocks away is an old gas station that was turned into a barber shop. The other mural is on a wall in Justin, Texas. We talked to the artist that was painting on it. He has seen my work at Cottonwood and is on my mailing list. Cool!
Speaking of Cottonwood, the show starts tomorrow. I am in a new location, booth 187. I hope its a good weekend but between the swine flu and the chances of rain, who knows how it will go. While setting up yesterday I hear on the radio that Mayfest in Fort Worth was cancelled. Artists and food vendors were already set up. What a drag to do that to them and what an overreaction to things in my opinion. Take a few precautions but lets get on with our lives. The normal flu we have each year effects thousands of people and there tragically are some deaths from it, but I heard there was only 130 confirmed cases in the US. No reason to panic. Bring your umbrella and come out to Cottonwood.