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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hey! I'm trying to get some sleep here!

Laying in bed.
3:15 am I hear thunder in the distance.
3:45 The rumble of thunder is much closer.
3:50 My eyes are shut but I still see the flash of lightning which lights up the room.
3:55 Another flash which is followed by a very quick and loud crack of thunder. As it starts to rain heavily the flashes are many.
4:15 It seems to be quieting down.
4:30 A very bright flash with an immediate loud crack of thunder which rumbles for another 15 seconds afterwards. I hear car alarms go off in the neighborhood.
4:35 Silence at last? No. I here a slight tapping in the house water pipes which tells me that the automatic sprinklers have come on. The yard is already flooded. I get up and turn them off.
7:55 I get up. Check the radar on the internet. No rain west of here. I better head to Cottonwood. They will put straw everywhere to give us something dry to stand on. If we don't get anymore rain we may be able to have a good turn out this afternoon. Sweet!!!!! Now if I can just stay awake the whole day.