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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Didn't you reserve your spot from last year?

Most of my day was spent in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Around noon I went into Lou's delicatessen and ordered an avocado salad for my lunch. Lou asked me "where is your booth located this year"? I went on to tell him that I don't actually have one yet. I had been "wait listed" and was hoping to get a spot in the show because someone canceled or if they had a "no show". He then asked me "didn't you reserve your spot from last year"? Hmmmmmm... That is when I gave him a quick explanation of the jury process and how it works. Most people don't realize how competitive it is to get into most of the decent art shows these days. Six hundred artists may apply and only 120 spots are available. The great majority of 480 artists get rejected and don't get in the show. A few of these will be wait listed. If you have been wait listed, the show may call you if there is a cancellation or you can show up the day of set up and be given a spot at the last minute if something becomes available. That is what I unsuccessfully tried today.

About 4pm I decided it was silly to wait around any longer. My camera gear was with me so I decided to drive out west of town along part of old Route 66. While driving through Sapulpa, Oklahoma I noticed some neat old cars in a parking lot. A car club was meeting and having a picnic. I stopped and photographed for a while and created the top image. A little exploring and I found a sign to an old skating rink. Right before sundown I found an old deserted theater to photograph. I will probably shoot my way back to Texas tomorrow.