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Friday, May 15, 2009

Drive-in home from Tulsa!

I have posted another version of the old theater that I photographed yesterday. A little reflection helped this one. Today I drove back from Tulsa. I didn't stop much but I did take a few images. These three are parts of an old mural that was on the side of a restaurant in Colgate, Oklahoma. Things like this get better when the paint is peeling but not peeling so much that you can't tell what it is.
Tomorrow morning I will probably sleep late in my own bed. Shouldn't I be off at some show selling my work? That's usually what I'm doing. This is usually my best weekend in May. Last year I had a ridiculously tough decision to make as to where I would show my work. I had applied and was accepted to Tulsa where I had been the previous three years. Just in case I didn't get in Tulsa and also as a long shot, I had applied to Art on the Square. Art on the Square was the #1 rated show in the Art Fair Source Book last year. Average sales were reported to be over 10K. I was quite surprised when I received an acceptance letter from Art on the Square. I hated to decline Tulsa but wouldn't I have been nuts not to take a shot at my piece of that 10K. Well, I had a decent show but nevertheless I did pull that 10K average down quite a bit. This year I didn't apply to Art on the Square. Good thing because they put in a new rule not allowing photos on canvas to be hung. They had to be put in a bin and labeled reproductions. Go back to my post about giclees if you want some more of my thoughts about this type of BS. This year I only applied to Tulsa and got wait listed. Most shows these days have plenty of cancellations and chances are still good you will get in a show. Not this weekend at Tulsa. I didn't get in.
Although I dislike not being accepted to a show, I do realize that rejection is a big part of being an art show artist. Every artist that does what I do gets plenty of rejections. I really shouldn't feel that bad about being wait listed for Tulsa. I walked the show yesterday. In the visual artist area of the show there was 22 jewelers. Only 5 photographers were juried in and they were mainly black and white photographers only showing a few pieces that were color. There probably should have been another 4 or 5 photographers and I would bet that more of the applicants had color work than black and white. The jurying seemed a little biased and out of balance to me. Fortunately, for the buying public, a color photographer got one of the few spots that became available. Unfortunately, it wasn't me.