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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There is a frog on my blog!

I have had so much to do lately I haven't had time to pick up my camera or post to my blog. The ruler of our pond did make it easy for me to catch a quick shot of him a little while ago. In previous years we would only see him at night. He would sit in or around the pond and wait for the lights to attract a meal. However, I have seen him a lot during the day this year. He has grown so big that he has probably realized that "ain't nuthin gonna mess with me" so now its not unusual to see him sitting on top of the rocks at the edge of the pond during the day. I can't tell that he has moved in the last 6 hours. He's also getting quite chubby. The June bugs are already out and can be caught around the front and back porch lights after dark. My wife and I throw some to him in the pond every night but might should stop for awhile and let him catch his own food.
Why have I been so busy? Since returning from my trip to Utah, I have had shows on both weekends and have to get ready for the Cottonwood Art Festival this weekend. San Antonio and Southlake were both quite successful for me. When this happens I have about 3 or 4 days to print and replace some of my inventory. Its a good problem to have but there's no golf, no fishin, and no day off. I did spend a lot of time yesterday working on a 6 image stitch of "Daybreak at Dead Horse Point". I like this one but there are several variations I am working on from the morning I spent there and I'm still undecided which one I will print and bring to a show in the near future. Some of my other new images have been well received. I did sell a large canvas of "Mittens and Rainbow" and "Alley of the Oaks" at Southlake. Yahoo!

"Daybreak at Dead Horse Point"