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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A river runs through it!

Years ago I saw a movie called "A River Runs Through it". Today I got to see it happen in my tent during the Cottonwood Art Festival.

About 3:00pm it started to rain. The aisles between the tents became flooded with water and lots of it decided to drain right through my tent. Usually the inside of the tent will remain dry since it is covered but not where I was located at. The show was done for the day at this point. It rained quite hard after I got home about 6:30. Its now almost 10pm and I here it starting to come down again. The weather guys said it may stop raining in the morning and clear off by tomorrow afternoon. I hope the stop part of that forecast is correct. Maybe we can still have a little bit of an Art show tomorrow.
The images you see today were taken in Arizona back in February. I took them at Tumacacori National Historic Park which is just south of Tubac, Arizona.