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Friday, May 22, 2009

Off to Kerrville!

I decided to camp out at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area on my way to my show in Kerrville. This would also help me avoid driving the whole distance this morning and then setting up at the show soon after arrival. These two images were taken this morning, showing the first light of the day hitting this big granite dome. I am surprised at how green it is in the Hill Country right now but I guess it has rained a lot in the last month. I may spend another day photographing after the show. There are actually a lot of flowers that have bloomed. Its not the bluebonnets and paintbrush that you get in April but its something.
Thank God set up was very easy today because I hardly slept at all last night. College kids should be forbidden from camping in a public campground. A group of them were at the park and didn't quit making noise until 4am. I did manage to here some of the wildlife sounds that I like to here while camping. About 2:30am I heard some snarling and hissing that I think was 2 raccoons fighting in a tree about 30 feet from my tent. I also heard some other funny sounds being made during this confrontation. About an hour later I heard a pair of owls talking to each other. At daybreak the dove all started cooing and I heard some wild turkeys in the distance. I saw some deer while a hiked to the area where I photographed. When I finally got to my hotel this afternoon I took a nap.