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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Toadfest 2009 has begun!

I got a glimpse of the moon last night as I got in the car about 9:30 to go home from a camera club meeting. The moon was almost full. I thought to myself....the toads should start doing their thing any day now. It started sooner than I imagined. While sitting at the computer in my backyard office about an hour later, I heard a slow speed version of the mating call I have grown so familiar with the last couple of years. Click here to here the toad call! The troops are gathering already! When I went back in the house about 11:00 four of the little guys were sitting around the pond taking turns calling. Tonight I bet I will count at least 8 or 10 around the pond. They will make this noise until about 4 or 5 in the morning. What gets me is ... where are all these toads the rest of the year? We never see any. I guess they are hiding in the bushes and under the deck.
These 2 shots were taken last year. I will be ready with my camera tonight though. The bottom image is quite interesting because the calling was sending out vibration waves in the water.