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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A step away from the bright colors!

Old Farmhouse #2

This old farmhouse is off I40 between the Texas border and San Jon, New Mexico. I had seen it before and never had the time or decent conditions to stop and photograph it. It was quite funny getting this image. When we stopped I could see one cow standing in front of the building. He spotted us and started walking towards the fence where I would be setting up my tripod and shooting over. Another dozen or so appeared out of nowhere and all started heading my way. Suddenly I have a whole herd of cows up against the fence and making it hard to compose my shot. I was able to get the image I wanted but I think all the cows were quite disappointed that I didn't throw a bale of hay over the fence to them. I have a full black and white of this but I also thought it was interesting with about 50% of the color desaturated.

Old Car and Windmill

I spotted this scene as Gary drove us through the back roads of Oklahoma. I'm not sure if I could find it again. I converted it to black and white and gave it a little sepia tone.