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Saturday, January 3, 2009

That special time right after the sun has set!

Garland's Plaza Theater

The Corner Pocket

Wow, its been less than three hours since I took these two images and they are ready for my blog. Both are a combination of six different exposures that were combined and tone mapped in Photomatix Pro 3. I recently read a whole book about HDR photography. It discussed several types of software and the adjustments that they have. Strangely enough I seem to get the most realistic photos by just using the default settings on the tone mapping. Thats fine with me. Right now I'm more interested in getting realistic results instead of the funky looking stuff that most people are doing with this technique. Both of these images were taken on the square of downtown Garland. No pink clouds tonight. I guess the 81 degree temps today burned them all up. And yes, I'm still wishing the lights at the Lakewood Theater had been on.