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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another shot of the Conoco Tower!

Here is another view of the Conoco Tower in Shamrock, Texas. Unlike some of the evening shots I have been showing lately, it is from one exposure. There is a very small window of time where the natural light and the artificial light are perfectly balanced. That is when this was captured. Back when I was shooting film I would shoot many exposures and would space them out every few minutes as the scene gradually got darker and darker. When I reviewed the film after being processed I would have a few exposures that captured the scene during this perfect balance of light. Even though I am shooting digitally, I still do much the same thing today. Early and late in the day the light changes quite rapidly. It also changes the feel of an image as it changes. I always have the dilemma of whether to shoot many different compositions or shoot what I think is my favorite composition as the light changes. Many times the best image is one where I have fine tuned the composition a little as I shot the scene. The last shots in a series are many times the best composition. Hopefully the best light and best composition come together.