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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A slightly frustrating evening!

Last nights shoot started atop a parking garage behind Baylor Hospital. Dan was with me again and I had felt we would have a clear view of downtown from the roof of this five story parking garage. It was totally overcast so we knew the light would not be the best. After editing my images I have come to the conclusion that downtown just isn't near as interesting from that side. I will consider a location on the other side of downtown next time. After leaving the parking lot we drove a few blocks to an old diner we thought we would photograph. The front was full of cars so we continued on to the Adler Hotel. I do like some of the shots I got there. Do you like the version where everything is out of focus except the sign? After leaving the Adler we drove back by the Diner. Some of the cars had left so we pulled in next door and got our cameras out. Before I could take the first shot a lady comes out and hollers "you can't take pictures here, get off the property or I will call the cops". In an age where most people have a camera on their cell phone and good 12 megapixel point and shoots that fit in a shirt pocket are available, it amazes me that some people still get so worked up when they see a big camera on a tripod. If someone really wants a photograph of this place, they will get one. I don't need one that bad and tell Dan "let's get the hell outa here and go get something to eat".

 These last two images were not taken last night but I have been playing around with some processing techniques that I thought I would show you. The first is the Lakewood Theater in Dallas and the second is Mission San Xavier in Tuscon, Arizona. By adding a texture layer and a vignette I have given them a little bit of an aged and weathered look. Photographs of many different things can be used for the texture layer. Rough concrete, tile, or crumpled paper are what I like best. I don't intend for this to be a photoshop tutorial, but you set the blending mode to Overlay for the texture layer. You might also like adjusting the opacity or masking parts of it. Every image is different so you have to experiment some. Good luck.