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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to the Square in Garland!

I have photographed the Plaza Theater before but I believe that you can never be too familiar with your subject. The light will change and so will the surroundings. Even if I have shot it 20 different ways there will always be 10 more ways that I will eventually think of. The way I process my images is also in a constant state of change. New software, new techniques, and changing visions on my part. So is the way of digital photography.
When I arrived last night I thought... Oh crap. They are having a play tonight and there are cars out front and people going in and out. I was able to shoot the top image and not include the clutter out front. I did this with one shot instead of an HDR combination of exposures like I usually do. Getting all the lights to be on in one shot is much of the problem. See how they go off and on at this link. It actually was a good thing that the theater was open. The play didn't start for another hour so I went inside and asked to take some pictures. I had never been inside before. The interior is Art Deco and quite well restored as you can see.