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Monday, January 4, 2010

Keeping your plans flexible!

I called my friend Dan yesterday to see if he wanted to go with me and shoot. He asked "where you going"? I said "I haven't decided yet. Maybe Fair Park or downtown Dallas." We decide to go downtown and check out the new Winspear Opera House. When we arrived at the opera house we could see people inside, possibly preparing for an event later that evening. However, the doors were locked and we didn't get a chance to ask someone if we could come in and take some pictures. We did spend about 15 minutes photographing in the area and I did get a nice image looking through the glass of the opera house.

We decided to leave the opera house and see if the lights were on at the Majestic Theater. No lights on...we keep driving. Dan says we should check out the Hunt Oil Tower which has been open for about a year. It has a bunch of blue lights on the top and a really great fountain in the front. Good thing it is Sunday night.  Finding a parking spot and dealing with traffic would be a pain if we did this during the week. We spent the rest of our time shooting the fountain which constantly was moving and changing colors. What a cool place to photograph though. I had trouble narrowing it down to only three.