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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Colorful Mexican Restaurant!

Several years ago I took some photos of the sign at Posados, a mexican restaurant out in Plano, Texas. I'm not sure if I misplaced the images, didn't back them up, or if they took off with an old computer, but I can't find them. They were taken with my 6MP Rebel. It was my first halfway serious digital camera and it started this cycle of having to save and keep track of all these digital images. Hopefully I keep track of things better now. As I write this I look at my main computer which has 3 external hard drives hooked up to it.
I have been wanting to get some more photos of Posados so I drove out yesterday evening. The sun was just setting when I arrived and it was still fairly bright outside. The lights were not even on yet so I sat in the car and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally about 35 minutes after sunset they turned the lights on. Ten minutes earlier would have been better. I really had to move fast because that little bit of blue left in the sky vanished not long after I started shooting. I do like the shot I got of the entrada. The Cafe sign would have come out a little different if I could have taken it about ten minutes earlier. The dark part around the lettering is actually painted a light gold but its color is overpowered by the red cast of the neon if its too long after sunset, which it was.Wonder if a little fill flash would have helped? I may try that next time.