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Monday, January 18, 2010

Searching for Photos in Oak Cliff!

Hunt Oil Building

 Yesterdays Dallas Morning News had an article about how 20 local photographers were going to document the changes on Fort Worth Avenue, an area just southwest of downtown. I decided to go check the area out and see what it had to offer. While driving that way I decided to make a quick stop downtown and photograph the Hunt Building. This late in the day would have sunlight on the front of the building. I like the results. The front of the building isn't flat and curves as you see it in the photo.

Alamo Courts

 After shooting the Hunt Building I made my way to Fort Worth Avenue. The Alamo Courts attracted me the most and I got the above image. It has a fence around it and is set for demolition. I would have loved to have taken this shot after dark with the lights on. I really didn't feel that was going to happen so I moved on. I took some pictures at another old motel and also found a great spot to shoot a skyline of downtown. The skyline shot will be better when some construction cranes are removed though.

The Texas Theater

 My plan was to go by the Texas Theater on nearby W Jefferson Blvd. if I wasn't delayed by something else that caught my eye. Well, I ended up there. This is the theater where they caught Lee Harvey Oswald years ago. No cars out front and nothing going on at the theater last night, but at 6pm the lights were still off. I took some shots anyway and do like the processing I used which gave the place a vintage look. It was actually a lot darker than it appears in this image.
 The image below was taken Saturday night. We ate dinner at a place called The Original Mexican Food. The window out front says the best Tex-Mex on the planet. Hmmmm... I 'm trying to think who I would award "the best" to. I think I have tried everywhere though. This is a picture of the front of the restaurant after I had some fun with Photoshop's liquify tool.

The Party Room