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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Now I'm in Colorado!

Seems like I was just on South Padre Island watching the sun go down. I spent most of the day Monday driving home from South Texas. Late on Wednesday afternoon I picked up my brother and we were off to Colorado. We grabbed some dinner in Decatur and decided to shoot the Petrified Wood Station after it got dark. My brother had never been there but I had already shot it several times this year. I wondered what I could do different this time. When I saw the puddle on the side of the road, I had my answer.
I usually drive until about 11:30pm or so and then start looking for a room. While driving through (of all places) Electra, Texas we started to see quite a lightning show ahead of us. We stopped a little ways down the road and photographed some of the lightning. Soon we were in some heavy rain and decided we better just get a room in Vernon which is only about three hours driving from home. We spent all day Thursday driving the rest of the way to Colorado. Friday morning I was in Beaver Creek setting up my booth. Saturday, the show went fairly well and today looks quite promising. The last two afternoons we have taken a drive up into the mountains. The lower image was taken near Eagle, Colorado.