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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off to South Texas!

A friend of mine said I was a superman for having 24 shows on my schedule this year so I thought I would post this picture of me busting through a steel wall. Actually, this was taken on my way to my show in South Padre Island, Texas. Thursday I took all day to make the drive, stopping numerous times to take some pictures. My first stop was at a place called the Car Connection. I had noticed this place just north of Waco off of I 35. It looked like they had some old cars and signs so I stopped and asked if I could take some pictures. They said OK and proceeded to show me a garage full of old signs. They had an old Coca Cola sign and a Miller Beer sign. The neon still worked on both. They also had this old Superman busting through the wall. Cool! Behind the place was more than 100 old cars. I could have stayed there much longer than I did. The image below was taken through the missing back window of an old vehicle. I shot five different exposures which were combined and tone mapped with Photomatix Pro. I also did a few other layer tricks to give it a more surreal look than I usually go for.
After leaving the Car Connection, I headed to San Marcus to check out Dick's Classic Garage. This is the newly opened museum of 60 classic cars owned and refurbished by businessman Dick Burdick. All are painted and polished like new, including a 1929 Duesenberg. He also started the Central Texas Museum of Automobile History in Rozansky where he has more than 130 vehicles. The image below is the hood ornament of one of the DCG vehicles.
I was hoping to spend the night in Harlingen so I needed to keep driving. While passing through Three Rivers around dusk I stopped to take this image of the Valero Refinery. The whole place is fenced off and I felt that surely someone would come ask me what I was doing. Places like this are real paranoid about pictures being taken. The funny thing is, I would learn more about the place by looking at it on Google Earth if I was up to no good.

This last one is my booth at the Beachcombers Art Show in South Padre Island. Good thing I took this Friday after setting up because many of them have now headed for new homes in South Texas.