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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Colorado back to Texas!

After a long drive from Colorado, I finally arrived home yesterday afternoon. Since then I have been trying to get caught up on things but did squeeze in some time to work on some of the images from the trip. These first two were taken about 20 miles south of Eagle, Colorado.

On the drive back to Texas we stopped a few times to photograph different things.The pink Cadillac and the Betty Boop waitress were found at a diner which had closed in Clayton, New Mexico. Betty would have been nothing but reflections if I had not used a polarizing filter.

The Cadillac Ranch is located about 8 miles west of Amarillo, Texas just off the south side of I40. We arrived shortly before sunset. People were everywhere, but finally about dark they all left. The shot below is two images that were combined. If my flash would re-charge itself a little quicker I probably could have created this with a single thirty second exposure.
Thirteen days earlier when we had driven through Electra, Texas we started to see lightning. Yesterday it happened again. As we approached Electra, we watched a small rain cloud up ahead of us grow into a mean looking storm within a period of about 10 minutes. Lightning appeared to strike a tower near Electra. We pulled over and photographed the storm which seemed to have low dark clouds which were rotating around the whole system. One of the neatest looking thunderstorms I have seen.