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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little fun with the foxes!

I have been spending the last few days camping in the mountains of Colorado. What better way to kill some time waiting for my next show in Frisco. On Monday, while driving through a small settlement near Ruedi Reservoir, we couldn't help but notice the signs which said "Slow Baby Fox". The next day we decided to ask where they were and if they could be photographed. We were told the den was just ahead in some rocks on the right, but they also like to climb around on the rocks and dirt on the opposite side of the road. As we parked the car, we caught a quick look at a red fox as it hid in the rocks. After about fifteen minutes we saw nothing else. I said "let's give them until 6pm" which would be an additional 15 minutes. Suddenly about 5:58 a fox walked across the street to my truck as if to check it out. We spent the next hour photographing several different foxes. They would move around and pose as if they had been trained by a professional modeling agency. Most of the time they were in shade or overcast but occasionally they would get in some good light. I would love to be at this same place in early winter when they have grown a little more and have on a full winter coat.
We haven't photographed much other wildlife but we have seen quite a variety of species.
1) A Moose that was about to go under I70 in Glenwood Canyon. A huge surprise!
2) Lots of deer.
3) We spooked a herd of Elk on one of our evening photo hunts.
4) We saw a Bear at 4:30am as we drove to Maroon Bells.
5) I got a lousy photograph of a Beaver.
6) Unidentified animal. Had the body shape of a Badger or Wolverine.
7) Raccoon.
8) A skunk roaming around the center of Basalt at 5am across the street from the Fly Shop.