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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Monument Valley!

It seems I have been working on the computer processing images ever since I got home. I need to break away from it for awhile and get some canvas coated and stretched for this weekend but I did want to show a couple of the new images from Monument Valley. The evening and morning that I spent there both had some great light for shooting. I might add that I adjusted my plans in order to take advantage of the breaking weather. I initially had been planning to shoot at the nearby Valley of the Gods. Its a neat place but not as photogenic as Monument Valley. Part of this is because Valley of the Gods has high cliffs to the east and west that block the early and late sunlight. This is not the case at Monument Valley and with scattered storms in the area that were beginning to clear, I felt I should spend it at Monument Valley instead. About an hour before these images were taken I sat in the car and watched a mixture of rain and sleet come down. It started to move away and soon the mittens were bathed in sunlight with a small rainbow behind them. Within 30 minutes darkness began to fall. It all happened just as I had hoped it would.