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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day at Goblin Valley!

It had been about ten years since my last visit to Goblin Valley. We had only spent a day there but during that short visit I learned where the sun would rise, where it would set, and where the light would fall at certain times of the day. As a photographer this information is helpful in planning when I will try and photograph certain scenes. Yesterday evening I did have some periods of good light and was able to get a few good shots. This morning was a different story as there was only about 2 minutes of sunlight and I didn't get the images that I had planned to shoot. I have included several from my evening at the valley.

The top image shows Goblin Valley with the Henry Mountains in the background. The second and third images show several rock features not far from the main Valley of the Goblins. The last image shows an interesting area of hard and soft sand. It almost looks like tiles with grout in between.

During this trip I have yet to see a colorful sunrise or sunset sky. Today was cloudy almost the whole day and the photography wasn't very successful. Tonight and most of tomorrow have rain in the forecast. I hope by tomorrow evening the weather will start to clear and bring some dramatic light with it. Either way I will be out there hoping something special happens and I can capture it with some pixels. Almost caught myself saying film.