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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pump Jacks


Yesterday I arrived back home from my trip to New Mexico to participate in the Ruidoso Art Festival. Anytime I travel out that way I am on the look out for images to add to my oil industry collection. These type of images sell very well at the Frame-it Gallery in Midland, Texas where I have some of my work. During my drive to New Mexico, I came upon an area of thunderstorms near Brownfield, Texas around sunset. I decided to see what kind of lightning display these storms would produce and found a large pump jack that would make a perfect subject to go with the lightning. The pump jack was also slightly illuminated from the lights of a drill rig in the area. For about an hour the storms put on quite a show. "Energy" was the best capture from my stop.

Pump Jack and Big Dipper

I drove part of the way home on Sunday night after the show ended. The sky was clear and a very large moon was out. This combination made for images that almost look like they were shot during daylight except for the dark sky and all the stars. If you look just above the left side of the Pump Jack you should be able to make out the Big Dipper.