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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little rain in Louisiana!

I traveled to Louisiana today only to find out that the palm trees change colors after a heavy rain. Actually, these are part of a sign on the front of a swimming pool company that is near my hotel. There was some storms this morning before I left Fairhope and it apparently did the same in Louisiana . When I turned on the TV in my room this evening the news was talking about some storm damage in Baton Rouge. That is only about 20 miles from where I am staying. They also said we will get some more storms and the area is under a flash flood watch until Saturday. Setting up tomorrow should be interesting. Last year it was too wet to park on the grass adjacent to the show. We had to park on the gravel parking lot which is quite a distance from my booth location. To dolly everything that far will turn my 4 or 5 hour set up into a 6 hour set up. Rain delays could make it longer. I can't wait!
Here is a picture of my booth at Fairhope. Since getting beat up by some storms last year I have started adding a few things to make my tent more secure. You might be able to see the Canopy Hooks that attach the panels to the top bar of the tent. http://www.propanels.com/products/Canopy_hook.htm
I also use zip ties to secure the bottom legs of the panels to the bottom stabilizer bar of the tent. Both of these things make the tent much more stable than it is without them. It hardly flexes when the wind pushes on it. There is more to securing the tent than just how much weight is used. As I write this a big roll of thunder shakes my hotel room. If we get a big storm Friday night...I think I will be ready.