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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

Yesterday I was going through my mail and came across a large envelope. I wasn't sure who it was from but when I opened it I saw it was an application to an art show I had sent in about a month ago. Just like the letter I received 8 days earlier it contained an explanation of why this years show was being canceled. Bummer! I guess I will go fishing the weekend of June 20&21. Then I came to the part which read "we are delighted and grateful that you have offered to donate an item that can be used in our 2009 fundraising efforts". I'm thinking "I didn't offer to donate anything". After canceling my chance to earn a living for that weekend, they still think I will just send them some art work for free. OOOOOOOOOK! It reminded me of the telephone solicitors that call and thank you for buying tickets for their fundraiser last year and are wanting to know if you would help out again this year. You know dang well that you didn't help out last year and its quite irritating that they try and trick you like this into helping this year. Oh well! At least it wasn't a rejection letter. It does seem that two shows canceled in eight days deserves a small bit of bitch'n though. I feel much better now and will tell you about the pictures .
The images below were taken just a few minutes after my header image was taken at the Grand Canyon. This one is 6 images that were stitched together to make one big giant panorama. The finished file with all the layers is 3.38 gig. I will probably offer it as a 30x90 but it could go much bigger. It looks kinda small here so I cropped out a small section so you could see the detail better. That is the lower image. I am tempted to try a stitching program instead of photoshop. When photoshop stitched this it ends up curved, the overlapping layers show, and the layers don't line up all that good. I then have to spend a bunch of time and figure out how to fix all that. A lot of layer masks are used to get all the overlapping layers to blend properly. I then have to try and straighten it all up. Eventually I get it where it looks like this except for the color correcting and other darkroom tricks that I think it needs. I like the way it looks now but it could get another tweak or two.