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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the road in Alabama!

During the last week I have had limited access to the internet. I have checked email several times but that is about it. In some ways I feel I am going through internet withdrawal but at the same time spending less time on the computer is probably something I should do more often. Last Wednesday I left my home and headed to Fairhope, Alabama. The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival was Friday through Sunday. The weather was great but I can't say the same thing about the sales. During this time I have been staying at my cousin's house in Fairhope. Tomorrow I will drive to Louisiana for my next show. I set up on Friday for the Oak Alley Arts and Crafts Festival which will be held on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully the chance of rain which is forecast for Friday and Saturday won't materialize.
Yesterday I went to Bellingrath Gardens near Mobile, Alabama. http://www.bellingrath.org/ I wish I had been there about a week or ten days ago. Azaleas were blooming everywhere but most of them were past their prime. I got a few nice images. The top image is of Mirror Lake. The next two images were taken in the Oriental-American Garden. They are of an interesting bridge that crossed part of a pond and the view of the pond from that bridge.
Adjacent to the gardens was the Bayou Boardwalk. It was kind of neat but I saw absolutely no wildlife of any kind from the boardwalk. No herons, no egrets, no gators. I don't think I even saw a sparrow. Here is a picture of the observation tower which looks out over the boardwalk. It's a shame there was nothing to observe.
After leaving the boardwalk I got back to the other side of Mirror Lake. It seems that one of the workers was having a bad day. Apparently he got a little too close to the slope of the lake and the rear of the mower slid into the water. A few minutes later a tractor was driven to the site and pulled the mower out. Glad he waited until I took my picture of Mirror Lake before having his mishap with the mower.