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Friday, March 27, 2009

Digital Fuji Velvia?

While I listened to the rain last night I played around with some new camera raw profiles that I had downloaded from the Adobe web site. I kinda like the one called camera landscape. On the left is an image I processed after applying this profile to it in camera raw. On the right is the same image I processed last month. The new version reminded me of Fuji Velvia. A deep blue in the sky. More red in the the rocks which were warmed by the setting sun. A little richer green in the grass at the lower part of the image. One thing I miss about not shooting film is the look of Velvia. This profile seems to give a similar look. For many years, Velvia was the film of choice for professionals who shot scenic and nature photography. Sometimes it bordered on being too saturated, but I think that was its appeal. Which do you like?
I did get my booth set up today at Oak Alley. I'm sure glad it didn't rain anymore during the day. It was very wet after the rain last night and having to dolly across the whole show site to get to my booth really wore me out. I started about 9:15 and finished about 4:15. After I finished I took a few shots of the plantation and the trees around it. The first image shows the plantation house and you can also see some of the tents at the show through the trees. The next image shows what careful positioning of the camera can produce...a nice design of the trees and the house and art show are covered up.