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Sunday, March 1, 2009

30% off Grand Canyon images until March 15th!

Storm Over the North Rim

I sent out an email earlier today offering a 30% discount on 5 of my new images from the Grand Canyon. I am quite happy with some of them and I hope there will be some response to the offer. If you didn't get the email and are interested in the details...send me an email and I will send them to you. The image above was made from 3 horizontal images that were stitched together. Normally I would have shot 5-8 vertical images to stitch. This still created a very large file when it was completed. I am offering this in a 30"x90" size.

This second image was shot the morning of my second day at the canyon. I just barely got to this location in time. I had to drive about 15 miles down a snow covered road to get there. Several people that were at the same location that morning got to see me running through the snow with tripod and camera. I was the only one I saw that was a serious photographer though. It was a good morning to be out. I actually like being at the canyon this time of year. Its not as crowded as at other times of the year, you don't have to take the shuttle bus everywhere, and the weather is pretty good about doing something dramatic. Clark

Grandview Point Sunrise #2