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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Celebrating the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge!

I spent Saturday evening at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge celebration. It probably is the last time I will get to shoot on the bridge without dodging cars or being hassled by the law so I was definitely wanting to take advantage of that chance. Conditions were good, giving me some warm light on the arch right before sunset. There was also a small moon which is visible in the first image. They had extra spotlights on the bridge so it became very brightly lit as soon as the sun had set. It made quite a contrast with the deep blue sky at dusk, which can be seen in the second image.

The city was going to put on a fireworks display at 9 pm. I had a rough idea where they would be shooting them from but wasn't exactly sure where I should set up in order to include the bridge and fireworks. As you can see, I guessed correctly. I actually have four or five that I really like which show different colored fireworks and different lighting on the bridge.

This last image is cropped from one of the shots that included fireworks. I wish I had a second camera shooting full frame images of just the arch of the bridge during the ten minutes of the show. The lighting and the smoke were constantly changing making for a cool variety of looks to the bridge.