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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life at the Pond goes on!

Summer is almost upon us and all kinds of activity is happening around our backyard pond. I got a surprise yesterday when I looked out at the lily pads and there were two new frogs sitting on them. About two weeks ago we purchased four bullfrog tadpoles. We tried to get ones that were already developing legs but I am surprised they already made the transformation into frogs. When we have had bullfrog tadpoles in the past it seemed to take longer for them to grow legs and lose their tails. The top image is one of the many water lilies that are blooming in the pond. The image below is of one of the new frogs. He is only about 3 0r 4 inches long.
About six weeks ago we had a major toad breeding in the pond and it has been full of their small tadpoles ever since. The eggs hatch within 2 days. The toad tadpoles are tiny compared to the frog tadpoles and seem to develop much faster. We are now seeing lots of little toads jumping in the grass around the pond. The lower image shows you just how tiny they are.