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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Color or Black and White?


I'm getting to where I will also process an image in black and white to see if I also like it rendered that way. Many times I feel that both versions work and possibly for different reasons. This is an oddly shaped church that I spotted while driving around Dallas last week. I was perfectly happy to have clear blues skies when I stopped by the following day for some mid-day pictures. The quick scouting of the place the day before told me the light would work well at this time of day. As a photographer, I try to shoot a scene when I feel that the lighting will give me what I'm after.  It's not very often that lunchtime is my choice.
 The black and white version was easy to process where the sky was very dark, drawing attention to the design and shape of the building. The church's odd look is what attracted me to it in the first place. The color version works much the same way to emphasize the shape of the building. However, it does have the contrast of the deep blue with just a touch of brown in the pointed doorway. Which do you prefer and why?