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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another trip to Lincoln!

 Last weekend I was in the Kansas City area for the Zona Rosa Arts Festival. Tomorrow I set up my booth for this weekends Lincoln Arts Festival. I wasn't planning on going home after KC so I headed on over to Lincoln on Monday. Tuesday evening I drove out west on I80 to photograph an old church that was near the exit to Milford.  I initially discovered the old church by looking at Google Earth and coming across a geo-tagged photo of it.

After photographing the church I spent some time driving through the farmland on my way back to Lincoln. I didn't find anything else that I felt the need to photograph until I was almost back to town on highway 6. I was now just looking for someplace to get some dinner before going back to my hotel. When I saw Shoemaker's Restaurant and gas station I knew I had to stop, have some dinner and check the place out. The restaurant is decorated with gas station memorabilia including a lot of gravity fed gas pumps. While eating a steak dinner I asked if they cared if I brought my camera and tripod in. They said "You can take all the pictures that your little heart desires". That ended up being about 200.

The following evening I went out to the east side of Lincoln and photographed the Joyo Theatre. I found it the same way I found the old church. Love that Google Earth! I had photographed for about 30 minutes and the prime light of dusk was approaching. The owner just happened to come by about that time and went inside. I knocked on the door and he was kind enough to turn on the lights. Because of that I got some nice shots. Old theaters just don't look the same without the lights on. Wish I had prints of some of these for the show this weekend.


  1. The old church is amazing! Your work, too. Nice to meet you, Clark. :-)

  2. Thanks Dorraine. I'm glad you like it.