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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A few more from Downtown Dallas!

The other day my photos of downtown were all shot from the roof of the parking lot at the courthouse. I still wanted to get some photos that would include all the NBA Banners in one shot so yesterday evening I was back downtown. I took the Reunion Tower image while just 15 feet away from me freeway traffic was zipping past. I would have liked to have backed up a little more. My 24mm tilt-shift lens was given the job of recording this. The shift still could not take all the lean out of the buildings so I had to straighten them up the rest of the way with a perspective fix in Photoshop. The problem with that version was with the Tower. You  obviously were looking almost straight up at it because you can see so much of the underside of the ball. The buildings were straight but the tower still looked strange.  For this version I decided to put a little more of the lean and convergence back in the image, much the way my normal lens would have rendered it.
Reunion Tower and the Hyatt
I still wanted a shot which included the whole skyline but showed all the banners. After looking at the results I think I may have found my new favorite spot to photograph the skyline from. I can see shooting this again at dusk and hopefully having some nice sky to go with it.
Downtown Dallas